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So someone swapped in the Attack on Titan theme on the opening for Sailor Moon Crystal and this was the result.

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I didn’t want to spam you so I compiled my “10 things to do in Japan” illustrations for Japan Lover Me (website | facebook) in one post! (*≧▽≦)

The lists were researched and listed by KailaKayeAshley, and Carly! ♥

*I’ll edit this post when we add more lists! :3

*We’re also going to release a JapanLovin’ Traveller’s e-book soon! :3

[ Sticky: Again, sorry for the lack of posts lately. ;3; April turned out to be the busiest month for me this year.. yet. @A@ (Commissions are still closed, by the way! (except those who reserved long ago) I’ll update you guys soon~ ;-;) ]

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This song probably plays on repeat in hell 

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I will get through all the color palette requests in my inbox (eventually)!! I’m just putting that on hold for now until I finish all my cosplay things for AX.


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Anonymous said: Justicar Samara in 4?


I’m not good at white people facial structures oops


The thing that really bothers me about these palettes is that half of them can be reduced to just three colors and the intermediates are sort of pointless.


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fishseatank said: 15, what's-his-face with the LED nipples from Kill La Kill


sparkle party


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shapeform said: GLaDOS (Portal 2 version), 84! :3


OKAY last one for the night. I need to sleep. To be continued tomorrow morning!